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Frenquently Ask Questions


 The main advantage of mobile broadband is that it's portable. Once you have a hotspot device, you can take it wherever you want, and as long as you have 4G signal you can use the internet.  

2. What devices can i use?

We suggest using the devices that we sell or AT&T branded device. If you choose to use an unlocked device(s) we cannot guarantee it will work properly. Please contact us to verify your device before purchasing any services.

3. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes! Think Lamb Wireless “Unlimited” 4G LTE data plan sounds too good to be true?  Try it risk free for 10 days and see for yourself! If you decide this plan is not right for you, Simply cancel for a full refund, on your service plan. 

Must not have used more than 4 gb of data, (about 5 hours of streaming in standard definition video) govern yourself accordingly. 


 Lamb Wireless reserves the right to cancel coverage at anytime. All accounts are owned by Lamb Wireless and we reserve the right to cancel an account(s) at anytime without notice. If an account is closed for misuse there will be no refunds. Examples of misuse are, but not limited to, illegal web searches, illegal downloads of material, fraud and excessive use. By purchasing our products and using this service users also agree to our terms and conditions which are subject to change without notice. 

5. How do I renew my service?

You will receive a invoice via email, 3-7 days before your service plan expires.  You will also have the option to save your credit card, and auto renew.

6. What networks do you use?

Blue Network(AT&T), Red Network (Verizon), and Pink Network (T-Mobile).